*Advices for dance groups and folkbands which would like to apply for the participation in the Euro Week.

Next dates:
29.07. - 06.08.2017
28.07. - 05.08.2018
27.07. - 04.08.2019
25.07. - 02.08.2020
24.07. - 01.08.2021

*Advent auf der Burg
Next dates:
09. + 10.12.2017
08. + 09.12.2018
07. + 08.12.2019

*Ostermarkt in Witzenhausen
(in der Universität Kassel
Fachbereich 11 Ökologische Agrarwissenschaften, Steinstr. 19,
D-37213 Witzenhausen)

Next dates:
10. + 11.03.2018
30. + 31.03.2019

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What's the "European Youth Week"?

The Euro Week is a very special meeting of young people. Each summer about 200 teenagers and young adults get together at the medieval Ludwigstein Castle to sing, dance, play music, talk, work and have fun. They are all united in their love for folklore and the curiosity for people from different countries.

The European Youth Week (short: Euro Week) usually starts on a Saturday with an opening concert in Witzenhausen and ends on the following Sunday after the "Eurokirmes" at the castle. The participants dance or play in one of the invited foreign folklore groups or are member in the "Arbeitskreis Europäische Jugendwochen Burg Ludwigstein e.V." who organises the event. The vast majority of participants are teenagers or young adults, but all age-groups, even babies and elder people take part. All participants sleep and eat in the castle. In the morning various workshops (choir, orchestra, arts 'n' crafts, sports, juggling ...) are offered. Each day is dedicated to one country. In the afternoon the group representing this country teaches its dances to the others and in the evening they show their songs and dances to a greater audience. Later on, all participants have a party. All in all approximately 2000-3000 people come to the various public performances.

During the 54th Eurowoche 2010 Kasimir Zierl took a video: (Euroweek.mpg) or (Euroweek.wmv)
This video tries to explain without words the special of the Euroweek.

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